Monitoring activity consists in collecting, processing and disseminating information. You keep up to date on your environment knowledge and understanding by collecting informations on internet open sources (websites, blogs, social networks, databases, …) and field (trade shows, conferences , interviews with experts, …).
With monitoring, the company can make appropriate decisions knowingly and positions itself towards stakeholders.

Two options :

External Monitoring

This is for organizations willing to pay attention to the evolution of their environment, but which can not set up and run an in-house department dedicated to this task for organizational, functional or financial reasons.
Operated by VigieStrat, this option gives you a wide visibility to your stakeholders.

Competitive Intelligence

The success of a business relies heavily on the comprehension of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Competitive intelligence allows you to remain watchful on your competitors, just as innovative practices occur and new entrants attempt to move in. VigieStrat is carrying out this collecting by mastering and offering technical tools and an experienced human approach.

Case Study:

A transport company is willing to develop in a new geographic area. To ensure the viability of the project, it needs to know the local competition in particular. VigieStrat identifies the players and sets up a daily monitoring system on their services, reputation and investment strategy. With this approach, the customer is able to position itself judiciously, adapt its communication and find the best angle of attack to establish its business.

E-reputation monitoring

The e-reputation is the digital reputation of a company and the public perception of the latter. Mastering the business’ image and assessing the competitors’ provides a competitive advantage. VigieStrat monitors all online media, especially social networks, to identify positive and negative information.

Case study

An industrial customer wants to modernize its image. He wants to establish a new communication strategy and keep its fundamental identity at the same time. VigieStrat studies the e-business reputation on social networks, blogs and the Internet in general. In addition, it draws up a global picture on the company’s social perception. From this online positioning, the customer is able to adapt the communication and optimize its image.

Internal monitoring :

Implement an internal monitoring in order to help your company to initiate and develop a culture of information sharing. It is also useful to organize the company information assets and facilitate its using.
The creation of such a system requires a full integration with the company’s management. Establishing and ensuring the continued existence of a successful monitoring is an important and long term task. It requires taking into account the strategic, organizational, human and technological dimensions of the enterprise. VigieStrat offers its expertise in the creation and running of an internal monitoring for its customers.

Case Study :

A real estate company wants to remain up to date with its environment on technological, legislative and competitive fields on a daily basis. In this process, the involvement of employees is planned. After identifying the needs and sources of information, VigieStrat will support the implementation of an internal monitoring system and will in turn train employees. The company can centralize information and keep the management posted on their areas of interest.