Strategic analysis describes the information collected and ensures relevance. In turn, their interpretation sheds light on the company’s specific requirements. It helps identify particular risks and opportunities that are present. Recommendations can be proposed in order to guide the company in its decision making. Two offers are available:


Monographs are commercial researchs. They are made according to customer needs in commercial, technological, financial, legal and reputational aspects of business partners. They identify their strengths and weaknesses and help reduce the upstream risk. They can be useful in case of new collaborations, such as a new supplier, partner or merger and acquisition. In addition, relying on experienced analysts, VigieStrat achieves these monographs as synthetic studies.

Case study

A customer of the food industry has launched a call-to-tender as part of the restructuring of one of its plants in India. After receiving responses and initial screening, a monograph is sought to learn more about the candidates. VigieStrat considers the reliability of these companies including their shareholders, their financial health, their reputation, their partners and their links with the competition. Once the results are transmitted, it is possible to choose the provider. 

Environmental studies

The environmental study is an essential part of business strategy. It confirms the reality of an opportunity or risk revealed by the activity of gathering information. It also provides policy makers, arguments, patterns of evolution and selection criteria necessary for an informed decision. Relying on a grid of specific reading, VigieStrat can respond to complex issues by putting into perspective all the information gathered. 

Case study

An energy customer wants to launch a new product. Before its introduction in the market, it needs to know the potential impact of the multiple variables in its environment. VigieStrat identifies and describes exhaustively the various stakeholders in order to identify potential threats. With this overall picture of key players, the client can anticipate targeted actions and raise upstream brakes to launch its product.