Founded in 2013, VigieStrat is a Quebec-based company specializing in business and strategic analysis. Supported by methods and practices of competitive intelligence, its comes with operational developments that assists you in your decision making process.

Information is a vital input for the development of a company. Having access to relevant information at the right time, allows decrypting and anticipating the intentions of all its stakeholders.

VigieStrat is the North American dedicated business unit of Spin Partners, a consulting firm specializing in influence communication and economic security. It can rely on its sisters companies abroad in Canada and India. VigieStrat can therefore operate locally in Europe and Asia.

VigieStrat is managed by Bénédicte Simi. She graduated from a business school and obtained a master degree in competitive intelligence. She joined Brink’s France in 2005 to help develop and manage a competitive intelligence department. In 2010, she settled in Montreal. Through the company BIS Consultant, she provided her expertise to Quebec companies. In 2013, she became president of VigieStrat.