Since May 15, 2014, the partnership between VigieStrat and Infocyble aims to group their complementary strengths in monitoring and strategic analysis.

Since 1985, Infocyble assists organizations in their efforts for a better control of their information resources. With its expertise, Infocyble is dedicated towards the development of distinctive corporate knowledge. Suggested tools and resources are still simple, effective and enforceable.
Infocyble provides management-related research and information services. Furthermore, Infocyble helps organizations design, plan and implement monitoring process; including tools and research methods, processing and analysis of information, choice of information sources, roles and responsibilities of different players on standby and finally the conditions for success of this monitoring process.
Part of the usual approaches among Infocyble includes informational audit, state of the art benchmarking studies, strategic scenario or action plan and modernization. Approved by the board of partners, in the labor market, and the Government of Quebec. Infocyble offers workshops on the establishment of a monitoring process.